Now available at Doc Alliance & Distrify

The Seduced Human is now available at the Doc Alliance website. You can either stream the film for 1.5 euro, download an avi edition for 3 euro or decide to get a dvd for 5 euros. For a limited time period you can also see a selection of Jørgen Leths documentaries at the site. Check it out at Doc Alliance. You can also get hold of the film at Distrify right here.

Positive review from Filmkommentaren

The Danish online blog about documentary film – – has just published a positive review of “Jørgen Leth: The Seduced Human” Director’s Cut.

The film receives 4  grades out of 6 and reviewer Allan Berg Nielsen calls the film “a comprehensive elementary introduction that will remain a standard work for the growing audience for Leth’s films.”. The entire review can be read (in Danish only) here.

Selected for OFF 12

“The Seduced Human” will be screened at the upcoming Odense Film Festival

The director’s cut edition of “The Seduced Human” will be screened at the upcoming Odense Film Festival.

The screening will begin at 13,30 on Friday 24th of August and after the film there will be a discussion with Truls Lie and Jørgen Leth.

The festival takes places in Odense, Denmark from August 20th to August 25th.

The organizers write about the festival:

“Odense International Film Festival is a Danish short film festival with a long and successful tradition.

Since its first appearance in 1975 OFF has strived to be the cosiest, most courageous and adventurous short film festival – that’s why we always offer a varied and experimenting film programme with thought-provoking experiences, debates, workshops, concerts and much more.

Every year in August, the citizens of Odense and film enthusiasts from all over the world have the opportunity of experiencing short films that would otherwise never reach the big screen. And all this for free!”

Jørgen Leth has previously been involved with the festival and last year he did a great video postcard for the festival which you can see right here:

World premiere of Director’s Cut at Krakow Film Festival

These days, director Truls Lie and his editor, is finishing up the director’s cut of The Seduced Human in Oslo, Norway. And already we can reveal that the film will have its world premiere at Krakow Film Festival, which takes place from May 28th to June 3rd in Krakow, Poland. The director’s cut will be approximately 77 minutes long and thus more than 25 minutes longer than the original version screened at CPH:DOX last autumn. The director’s cut will be a more personal film which digs deeper into the themes from the original movie. Here is Truls Lie’s statement about the upcoming director’s cut:

“Jørgen Leth, The Seduced Human
— A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man.
Danish filmmaker, Jørgen Leth, has lived in chaotic Haiti for 20 years. He has made more than 40 documentaries.
Why is his maxim to be always open to be seduced? We followed Jørgen in Haiti as he worked on his last film “Erotic Man” up until its premiere in Europe. We know nothing about the coming catastrophe and his potential downfall as a filmmaker.
In retrospect, Leth has lived his whole life as an observer. What kind of films has he made,following which aesthetical standards, and how does he relate to other filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard and Lars von Trier?
Leth is driven by desire and the senses, in constant creative doubt, and his depression leads to despair. All of which is remniscent of the existential philosophy of another Dane, Søren Kierkegaard.”

More media coverage for The Seduced Human

Review in Morgenbladet

Review in Morgenbladet

After the Norwegian premiere of The Seduced Human on Saturday the 19th two Norwegian newspapers have written about the film. In the weekly Morgenbladet film scholar Søren Birkvad has reviewed the film which he calls “a successful introduction to Leth; a film which in a elaborate way examines how the main character as the typical esthetician and observer – with Soren Kierkegaard’s words – commuting between the desire, doubt and despair.” In the daily Dagsavisen, Inga Semmingsen has interviewed Lie about the film. You can download the review here and the interview here as page one and page two.

Thank you, Copenhagen

The screening took place in Bio Carl at the Cinematheque in Copenhagen

The screening took place in Bio Carl at the Cinematheque in Copenhagen

Yesterday afternoon was the second screening of The Seduced Human at CPH:DOX. Around 40 people had found their way to the Cinematheque. Film critic Steffen Moestrup introduced the film by talking about his personal fascination with Jørgen Leth’s work and life but also explained how such a fascination can be an obstacle when making a documentary about Leth. Moestrup said that Lie’s film had fascination as a departure point but that the filmmaker was also driven by astonishment and wonderment at Jørgen Leth’s way of life which made Lie take a philosophical and skeptical stance in the film.

Lie interviewed by EKKO

Woody Allen reads EKKO

Woody Allen reads EKKO

Today the renowned Danish film journal EKKO published an interview with Truls Lie about his work on “The Seduced Human”.
In the interview which can be read in full length right here (in Danish) Lie explains his attempt to communicate with Leth on a more philosophical level. Lie for instance wanted to discuss the very different ways to look upon a erotic relationship in Haiti and one in Scandinavia.